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I wonder

I wonder if they would have

His pretty long eyelashes?

Or my straight black hair?

 His easy cheeky smile?

Or my lop-sided dimples?

 His wide forehead?

Or my crooked teeth?

 His warm hands

Or my always cold feet?

 His kind temperament

Or my quick temper?

 His nightclub dance moves

Or my two left feet?

 His passion for science

Or my love for books?

 His sense of humor

Or my dry sarcastic wit?

 His sense of responsibility

Or my streak of rebellion?

I wonder what they'll be like.

I hope they have the best of us

The least of all the worst of us

But most of all I hope

They'll grow up healthy, smart, and kind.

Of all the things good,

and of all the things great,

Most of all, and all in all

I hope that they'll be kind.


A short poem I wrote on my phone when I was 7 months pregnant. I constantly wondered what our baby would be like, especially as we opted not to find out about the gender. Throughout our pregnancy, we called baby "Herbivore" because all I could eat was vegetables and the smell of meat (cooked or uncooked) made me throw up. During my pregnancy, I threw up for the whole nine months. Highly do not recommend it.

Our baby is now 10 months old. A healthy and energetic baby girl. Confirmed that she has my straight black hair and her father's big head. She dances to any music she hears and has a mischievous smile. She's a curious kid with observant eyes. She's still growing. I hope she'll grow up kind.

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