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It's been a minute

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

Hello. It’s been a minute.

Since my last blog update in September 2021, I went through my first Covid-19 lockdown in Tonga with the baby virus, planned a wedding, got hitched, applied for a new job, got the job, turned down that job, and continued working in the job I hate. I went on a lovely Christmas holiday to Vava’u with my partner, attended the New Year Lotu with his family, survived a volcanic eruption that was more powerful than an atomic bomb, my father’s home island was half destroyed by a tsunami, I swept ash dust out of our house every 20 seconds, cried for rain, and went through another Covid-19 lockdown (this time, it was the real-real virus). Oh, and the internet was down for a month and a bit, and here we are today. So hello, it’s been a minute.

A lot has happened in a short time. Some were incredibly joyous things. Some were gut-wrenching and terrifying. I felt like I experienced too many life events in one go, that it still leaves my head and heart reeling. It’s a lot to process and digest, but I’d like to do that slowly.

So yes, it’s been a minute. But thank you for waiting. I’ll share my stories in bits and pieces. Until then, 'ofa lahi atu.

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