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Big Man.

Updated: Jun 15, 2022

He emails

Their will be a meeting

Over they’re in the next room

Were twentyfree people are

Expated to attend so

Prepare refreshments accordingly”

With a smug smile,

His important task is done.

He then proceeds to

Tell her how

To do her job

And how

Everything she is doing is




Like her gender.

She wants to tell him to

Piss off.

Go back to primary school and

Learn how to fucking spell.


She will be disciplined for

Impertinence as

They gloss over his incompetence and

Give him a promotion even!

The man who doesn’t know

When and how to use

There, their, they’re

Because his dad, and his dad’s dad

Were all once big bosses here.

I wonder how it feels.

What’s it like being a big man?

To be rewarded for mediocrity

As you tell the world

That the real hard workers





Just because

They’re a woman.

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