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Are you thinking of applying for Chevening?

Applications for 2023/2024 Chevening Scholarships open on 2 August 2022. If you’re considering applying, check the link below for more information about the Chevening programme.

I already wrote before that my own Chevening experience wasn't a particularly delightful one, because our Chevening Journey was bang-smack at the start of the Pandemic in 2020. If you'd read my Long Way Home series (thanks if you have!), you'd probably rightfully deduce that it was a traumatic experience for me. 😅 😂 However, I learnt so much about myself and how good I am at surviving by myself 😅 😂

As travel restrictions ease and as the world slowly returns to some sense of new normalcy, I think people who apply now and get the award would have a much more positive Chevening experience.

For me, the opportunity to study for a Master's Degree in JUST ONE YEAR is something that appealed strongly to me, especially since most countries within the Asia-Pacific region (NZ, Australia, Japan, Fiji etc) takes 2-3 years to complete a Master's degree, depending on the field of study.

Of course, the UK is on the other side of the world and it's so much colder than our warm Pacific weather. It's easy to feel homesick being so far away from home. However, the UK has some of the world's best universities and that one year could be the best (or worst lol) of your life. Either way, you'd learn so much and there really isn't much to lose.

If you're really considering applying for Chevening, I'd recommend the following at this stage:

  • Look at the different regions of the UK, the universities and the courses you're interested in.

  • Do your research thoroughly and don't do things last minute!

  • Pick your top 3 universities and courses. Check that they are affiliated with the Chevening scholarship (the Chevening website would have those details). If yes, start working on your application essay for the universities.

  • Start working on your Chevening application (I've attached mine below for reference. The questions don't change much).

  • Start thinking about who you're going to ask for reference letters from (both for the universities application and for the Chevening application). Ask them if they're willing to write a reference letter for you.

  • Know that London is THE MOST expensive city in the UK. Further away from London you go, the cheaper things are (cost of living especially!)

The Chevening scholarship website is detailed, so any questions you may have is probably already on their FAQ page.

Applications for 2023/2024 Chevening Scholarships open on 2 August 2022. If you’re considering applying, read on for more information about the Chevening programme.

Good luck!

Chevning 2018-FINAL Leadership-Network-Post study.docx
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